Social Media Summer Update 2023

What to expect from the second half of the year. Pack your virtual bags and fasten your digital seatbelts, dear readers! We’re embarking on an exhilarating journey through the ever-changing landscape of social media. Just like a summer vacation filled with unexpected adventures, the second half of 2023 promises to be a thrilling ride. So… Social Media Summer Update 2023 weiterlesen

Let’s talk about Threads

With Elon renaming Twitter to X and slowly killing the bird and threads having been launched a few weeks ago, we thought it was about time to have a quick wrap-up of what we have seen and what might happen next. 1 . Introducing Threads: The New Kid on the Block Instagram has released a… Let’s talk about Threads weiterlesen

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Data? – Yes, sir. …

Navigating the Social Media Seas: A Compass of KPIs In the vast ocean of social media, it’s easy to feel adrift. How do you know if your efforts are steering you towards your destination or if you’re merely treading water? The answer lies in your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are the compass points that… Data? – Yes, sir. … weiterlesen

Must be the reason why I am king of my castle – content

An integral part of our social strategy is content. Content is the core of what users are looking for online. Or as many people call it: Content is King. The Power of Social Content: Formats That Resonate Nut not all content is created equal. The format of your content can significantly impact its effectiveness and… Must be the reason why I am king of my castle – content weiterlesen


The next big thing is here Clubhouse – and just like the man who might have invented fire and is pitching it to his fellows, we don’t know much about it yet. If you didn’t hear about it. Don’t worry we are in the really early adopter trendsetter phase and you have every right to… Clubhouse weiterlesen


What the fuck. Sind die bei KWP hungrig oder einfach nur Banane? Was soll denn jetzt Social Media mit Toastbrot (von englisch toast ‚rösten‘ aus lateinisch tostus ‚getrocknet‘, ‚gedörrt‘, ‚geröstet‘, ‚gebacken‘) zu tun haben? Laut Stupidedia ist Toast folgendes:  „Die Fladenbrotabwandlung und US-Amerikanische Erfindung zur Gleichschaltung der Welt, genannt Toastbrot, ist ein feinporiges, leicht gedrungenes und schnell… SOCIAL MEDIA – DAS TOASTBROT UNTER DEN MARKETINGKANÄLEN weiterlesen