Body leasing & managed careers – the grubby image disappears

In 2018 we participated in a pitch for Allgeier Experts. Back then they were one of the biggest German/ European recruiters for IT specialists and teams. They had been buying competitors for a couple of years and arrived at a state where it became necessary to reshape, reposition and re-organize their brands and go to… Body leasing & managed careers – the grubby image disappears weiterlesen


Stay humble, stay foolish – but most importantly: stay real.  Fachkräftemangel, Zuwanderungsland, Generation Y, Generation X, Digitalisierung, demografischer Wandel und tausende freie Ausbildungsstellen im Handwerk – wie geht das alles einher? Und wie passt das eigentlich alles zusammen? Sehr gut – sagen wir und das, was wir heute sehen, wird in der Zukunft noch schlimmer… EMPLOYER BRANDING weiterlesen

London Calling

It’s 2010 and we’re in London. We are studying marketing and communications at the IMK WIesbaden. And of course we decide to produce a movie about our first internships. I’ve been involved in concept development, pre-production and shooting of it.