Braindump June ’22 – Burnout oder Imposter?

Übers Scheitern. Anspruch. Umfallen. Aufstehen. Zerbrechen. Verzweifeln und das einfach weiter machen. Über Kind und Kegel. Job und Familie. Mental Load und eine wundervoll verlockende Melange aus Burnout und Imposter Syndrom.   Gestern war es Mal wieder so weit. Ich war am Ende. Körperlich? Gedanklich? Keine Ahnung. Auf jeden Fall Krämpfe im Unterleib.  Woher kommt… Braindump June ’22 – Burnout oder Imposter? weiterlesen

Body leasing & managed careers – the grubby image disappears

In 2018 we participated in a pitch for Allgeier Experts. Back then they were one of the biggest German/ European recruiters for IT specialists and teams. They had been buying competitors for a couple of years and arrived at a state where it became necessary to reshape, reposition and re-organize their brands and go to… Body leasing & managed careers – the grubby image disappears weiterlesen

UXCamp 2022 – the case for luxury subscriptions

Last week one of the largest BarCamps for User Experience Professionals with 500+ active participants from all over the world met in Berlin. The event is held since 2009, planned by a team of local UX enthusiasts, and run during the weekend by all participants. It was amazing to see so many engaged global professionals… UXCamp 2022 – the case for luxury subscriptions weiterlesen

Some thoughts on Meta

Facebook rebrands itself to Meta. Of course not the Social Network but the company holding all the networks and more. Pretty much what Google did with alphabet – probably both actions were triggered by ongoing negative public pushback about their policies. However, both also had very real reasons to separate and rebrand their most famous… Some thoughts on Meta weiterlesen

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Subscriptions – the business model for the future.

This is a re-post of my Ogilvy Consulting whitepaper –Subscribe. If you are looking for the german PDF version – it’s here: Ogilvy_Whitepaper_Subscriptions Some facts and figures have been updated. Subscriptions – do you still buy or do you already subscribe?   Contents: The innovation Challenge Subscriptions What does the market tell us about subscriptions?… Subscriptions – the business model for the future. weiterlesen


The next big thing is here Clubhouse – and just like the man who might have invented fire and is pitching it to his fellows, we don’t know much about it yet. If you didn’t hear about it. Don’t worry we are in the really early adopter trendsetter phase and you have every right to… Clubhouse weiterlesen

Das “one more thing” ist diesmal ganz klein.

Und doch der eigentliche Killer Apple hat es wieder getan. Am Dienstag (16.09.20) stellte Apple seine neuesten Produkte und Angebote vor. Eine Apple Watch war dabei – die sechste – jetzt mit Blutsauerstoffmessfunktion – was meiner ganz persönlichen Paranoia sehr zugute kommen würde, vor allem nach Corona (Upgrade vorgemerkt) – ein neues IPad und aha… Das “one more thing” ist diesmal ganz klein. weiterlesen


Ich kann meine Finger ja nie still halten. Deshalb arbeiten wir auch gerade an einem neuen Projekt. CarPorn. Der Name ist Program. Nothing Fancy. Nothing awkward. Just cars. Der erste ist online – und ich hoffe genug Zeit zu haben um mehr davon zu produzieren.

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