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SoundBad Streams// The Ogilvy SunDowner

In February 2021 after 10 months of the Covid’19 pandemic, I was so bored that I decided to do at least something. Luckily my boss at Ogilvy, Bella, was on board after a few WhatsApp messages and we were able to organize it within a week. So we started streaming. Check them out on

SoundBad Open Air Festival

I’ve promoted the Soundbad open-air festival for nine years with some of my best friends. It’s been a challenging, joyful and rewarding time.

Check out some of the shows we’ve had:

The INN App

One of the startup Ideas we’ve had in the hight of the shareconomy hype. The challenge we saw for the shareconomy to get its breakthrough was availability. There were pages like (the biggest german one) but they never started to fly because nobody wants to wait.

If we take the most popular example of a drill, then I need this drill now and not in three days when I contacted the offerer, (s)he replied and sent it over. This is what we wanted to build in the I Need Now – the INN App.

Through location-based offers, the app would have been able to show you which offers around you were available in this instant.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the funding.

The funny thing so: Husqvarna recently introduced the „battery box“ which does exactly this for their tools. By paying a monthly subscription, you can access the always filled boxes and charged tools. It’s a perfect service for every craftsman giving them back the time and the space they would otherwise need to store and maintain their tools.

Event on Demand/ MyConcert

Another startup idea connected with music. When promoting Soundbad, we realized how hard it was to book big artists – even if you had the funds to do so.

The challenge came from both sides. From your financial side because you could never be sure that the booked acts would pull enough fans for you to break even and from the booking agencies side because they very often followed their agenda on pushing artists into the market, having only the most promising shows – which of course is also completely understandable. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of fans out.

So what we wanted to do was democratize the music booking industry, by creating a community that would „Demand“ an artist. And only if there was enough demand for a show a promoter would bring it to life. Bringing a financially sound show closer to the fans.

The problem for us was, we didn’t find any existing network who would be willing enough to challenge their business model.

Today the truth probably is that Spotify could easily use their data to bring the best and closest music experience to any fan. And the listening behavior of millions is probably also much more relevant than the demand behavior of thousands…