UXCamp 2022 – the case for luxury subscriptions

Last week one of the largest BarCamps for User Experience Professionals with 500+ active participants from all over the world met in Berlin.

The event is held since 2009, planned by a team of local UX enthusiasts, and run during the weekend by all participants.

It was amazing to see so many engaged global professionals on the topic of UX and a vivid exchange on a lot of topics from the crowd for the crowd. And I once again realized how big the whole environment is – ranging from Burnout to Paper Prototypes.

We also participated a session on Subscriptions in the premium and luxury segments. This is also where I want to thank Lucy for preparing and presenting this one together.

Here’s the deck – may it inspire you and feel free to contact Lucy or Me on the topic.


The afterparty

See you 2023. And follow them on twitter.

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