Who is John Galt?

Bernd Kunkel
– strategic consultant

Husband, father, engaged entrepreneur, gooder, philosopher, grown up in the 90s. I still know analog and live digital. My goal is to connect the best of both and create a better life for everyone.

Do it or don’t. There is no try.

At the moment I am working as a Consulting Director at Plan.Net Berlin.

Connect with me on LinkedIn – it’s usually up to date. 

My specialties can be found in B2B marketing, subscriptions, digital transformation and brand/ business strategy, customer engagement as well as employer branding.

Among the clients I worked for in the past there are: ​

ABUS · ADI · akasol · Aldi · Allgeier Experts · APM · Atlas Electronic · Becton · bofrost* · Dickinson · Berlitz · Bosch Batteries · Bosch Rexroth · Coca-Cola · Corteva · DB – CRM · Deutsche Bank · Deutsche Hospitality · Deutsche Post DHL · DiaSys · DGK · Digitalstadt Darmstadt · DuPont · Edeka · Elisabethenstift · Esymix · Faix · FM Global · Ford Commercial Vehicles · Gazprom · Getrag · Goebel Darmstadt · Hankook · IBM · Ikea · INN App · IQOS ·  iVents · Laufenn · LeoPharma · Linklaters · Lufthansa · MAHLE · MAHLE Aftermarket · Marschall Versand · Matrix42 · McDonald’s · Merck · MKM Eventtechnik · Nemak · Nescafé · Nestlé · Nespresso · Optifast · OTIS · O2 · PharmaLex · REA Jet · REWE · Rolls Royce Power Systems · Saint Gobain Building Distribution Deutschland · Salzgitter Mannesmann Stahlhandel · Samsung · Siemens Healthineers · Sigo · Soundbad · St. Galler Kanonalbank · Stadt Darmstadt · Steigenberger Hotel Group · techem · Telespazio VEGA · Topcart · TUI · Uniklinik Frankfurt am Main · xarvio – digital Farming · Zufall Logistics Group 

Check out the blog for recent works.

If I should give a rough description of myself:

Science. History. Marketing. Management. Power. Politics. Physics. Communication. Psychology. Events. Music. Movies. Theatre. Arts. Illustrations. Strategy. Animation. Motivation. Moral. Analytics. Web. Digital. Analog. Research. Tomorrow. Trends. Planning. Advertisement. Golden 20s. 60s. Kid of the 90s. Millenials. Digital Native. Video Tape. Star Trek. Star Wars. O.C. California. Google. Duden. Wikipedia. Kottler. Honesty. Fidelity. Doer. Family. Open Air Festivals. Electronic Music. Rock. Construction. Architecture. Design. Style. Amazon. Cloths. Red Bull. Coke. Illegal. Ikea. Father. Girlfriend. Lovely Doughter. Freaky Son. Education. School. Not my Stuff. Dylan Moran. English. German. French. European. Rolling Stone. It’s toasted. Ingenuity. Think. Create. Exhile. More then expected. Dream Big. Start Small. Alibaba. Ayn Rand. Fabian. Ecole Superieure de Commerce et Management. London Metropolitain Business School. Institut für Marketing und Kommunikation. Neuromerchandisinggroup. Soundbad. Cheil. Samsung. Gerasch Communication. La Mina. Apple. MacBook. Apps. Lead. Vision. Smile. Online. Connect. Future. Mathematics. Business. Risk Management. Swimming. Chess. Golf. Wake Boarding. Green Planet. Space. Steve Jobs. John Galt. Don Draper. Testify. Evolution. Momentum. Philosophy. Ideas. Ideals. Dandy. Retro. Awake.

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